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Haalo - Public Speakers Bureau

Haalo, the #1 agency for public speakers in Israel, represents hundreds of the country’s top speakers, lecturers and presenters, including journalists, domain experts, politicians and celebrities. We work with large and small entities to provide quality content services of any type and for any type of group or community.

Haalo is a home to performers of various types who produce live content on a variety of topics and areas, presented either in person or online. We give audience groups direct access to the creators, lecturers and facilitators that directly match their specific needs. Our expertise is in bringing content creators and their audience together to create curated speaking experiences in the right time and the right place.

Likewise, the same people-matching skillset that creates a rich world of public speaking, allows us to bring professionals together in topic-specific and ongoing groups. Haalo is responsible for forming, building and maintaining some of the largest communities in Israel, bringing together professionals, alumni and organizations in sustainable and long-lasting groups.



Between Gaza and Jerusalem – what is happening in the middle east?

Haalo, Israel’s premier public speakers bureau, invites you to learn about the Israeli-Palestinien conflict from first hand accounts and direct sources.

Live online lectures featuring the top journalists, politicians and activists from Israel and Palestine, Jewish or Arab. They will tell you what is really going on right now in Gaza, in Jerusalem, in Israel and in Palestine. What is it like to live under fire? Why are they fighting? What's the politics behind it? How will it end and what is the role of America in this ongoing conflict? 

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